Biometric Security Solutions For Airports, Border Control & Homeland Security

Idemia is a world leader in security solutions. It delivers products and solutions targeted at governments, national agencies and administrations dedicated to law enforcement and border control, as well as private companies in need of secure physical or logical access control. As a pioneer in identification and detection systems, and a major player in e-documents, Morpho is recognized for its excellence in key technologies, advanced skills and benchmark expertise.

Morphowave Compact
A contactless fingerprint identification and verification solution. This innovative device captures four finger images with a single movement in less than a second. Its dynamic acquisition capability allows subjects to be 'on the move' during fingerprint capture. Morphowave is best suited for high traffic environments.
  • Advanced contactless technology
  • Very high throughput and performance
  • Compatible with current contact databases
  • Meets the challenge of dry and wet fingers

IDEMIA’s ultimate face recognition device for access control.

  •  Accurate and fast.  Near motion <1s verification
  • Wide angle - 1.2m to 2m of user's height
  • Efficient in all light conditions
  • Efficient with all skin colours
  • Copes with facial changes
  • Indoor or outdoor use. IP65
  • Anti spoofing



MorphoWay ™
Automated Border Control Solution
MorphoWay TM automated e-gates are specially designed for modern border control. Based on the latest biometric recognition technologies (iris, fingerprint, face) MorphoWay speeds up passenger screening, greatly reducing queuing time at borders, while guaranteeing optimum security.
  • Document authenticity check
  • Real-time search-and-match against watch-list
  • Deter fraudsters from attempting passage with fake, forged or tampered passports