Biometric Security Solutions For Airports, Border Control & Homeland Security

Morpho SAFRAN is a world leader in security solutions. It delivers products and solutions targeted at governments, national agencies and administrations dedicated to law enforcement and border control, as well as private companies in need of secure physical or logical access control. As a pioneer in identification and detection systems, and a major player in e-documents, Morpho is recognized for its excellence in key technologies, advanced skills and benchmark expertise.

Finger on the fly®
A contactless fingerprint acquisition solution. This innovative device captures four finger images with a single movement in less than a second. Its dynamic acquisition capability allows subjects to be 'on the move' during fingerprint capture. Finger on the fly® is best suited for high traffic environments.
  • Advanced contactless technology
  • Very high throughput and performance
  • Compatible with current contact databases
  • Meets the challenge of dry and wet fingers
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Screening and identifying a wanted person in a live video feed instantaneously is always a challenge for inspection officers and security personnel. With FaceIt® Argus, the job is faster, easier and more efficient. The software acts as a security barrier, providing real-time image acquisition and image matching so officers can be more effective in the review of potential matches.
  • More accurate, real-time facial identifications
  • More effective use of resources easy integration into existing infrastructure
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Morpho IAD ™
Iris At A Distance Solution
One second to capture your iris. That’s all it takes.
Morpho IAD acquires both iris and portrait. It’s the fastest solution of its kind available today. The acquired data can be used for both enrolment and verification purposes. Available in multiple configurations. Designed for border control, airport passenger flow management and secure site management applications where throughput, security and accuracy are key requirements.
  • Fastest possible throughput with an acquisition time under one second
  • Easy to use
  • Simultaneous capture of two irises and face
  • Easy to integrate into an existing environment
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MorphoWay ™
Automated Border Control Solution
MorphoWay TM automated e-gates are specially designed for modern border control. Based on the latest biometric recognition technologies (iris, fingerprint, face) MorphoWay speeds up passenger screening, greatly reducing queuing time at borders, while guaranteeing optimum security.
  • Document authenticity check
  • Real-time search-and-match against watch-list
  • Deter fraudsters from attempting passage with fake, forged or tampered passports
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