Insecticide Solutions & Services for Aircraft Cabins

PSA (Produits Sanitaires Aeronefs / Aircraft Sanitary Products), is a French company established in 1976, recognised worldwide for its wide range of approved cabin sprays for disinsection, disinfection, odour elimination for use on aircraft.

The company also produces special hand-carried and highly portable machines to dispense proprietary chemicals that have proven consistently effective in disinfection, disinsection and odour elimination not only for aircraft but also for ground use in hospitals, food industry, hotels, childcare centres and the general transportation sector.



DAF 3000

This machine is specially designed for use in an aircraft with its nozzle angled to take into account the low cabin height for an effective application of the chemical in the aircraft.

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Ki-Ose Tubax

It is a powerful disinfectant that is bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal.

Ki-Ose Tubax is designed to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces and areas.

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Emuldry is an effective insecticide against flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches and bedbugs.

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Aircraft Air Fresheners

This is not your everyday consumer fresheners. These are specially made for use in aircraft before passengers board the aircraft or during in-flight.

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Envolee 108 Aircraft Air Perfume

These are perfumes for aircraft. They enhance the corporate image, and give passengers a fresh "welcome-on-board" special feeling.

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Ki-Ose 380 Antiseptic Wipes

These anticeptic wipes disinfect and remove pathogenic microorganisms from hands and general surfaces. The solution has been developed, tested and produced to pharmaceutical standards.

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Odoxim is an odour eliminator. It removes strong odours and generally all foul smells.

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